Students in the News

Way to give back, Anna Loeffelman & Ava Zimmerman!

Ms. Venneman challenged her 8th graders to “Genius Hour.”  The goal was to spend 45 minutes per week to learn something they knew nothing about or create something that could improve the world.  Anna Loeffelman and Ava Zimmerman teamed up and organized a school Dress Out Day and raised a total of $569 in donations!  The girls were able to fill 48 LifePacks with 18 essentials items each.  Our LifePacks were donated to the St. Patrick's Center.  Way to go, girls! 


Congratulations, Mia Maddock, MQP 8th Grader!

Mia Maddock represented MQP in the Catholic Youth Apostolate (CYC) Spirit of St. Louis volleyball games on November 25, 2018.  Each parish participating in the CYC program is invited to send at least one 8th grade boy and girl to the games. These players join with other players from their CYC District to take part in friendly competition with teams from the other Districts.  The Spirit Games currently take place in Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball.  The players and their families serve as living examples of the spirit and principles that the CYC has endeavored to teach the youth of the Archdiocese for more than 75 years.  For more information, see The Spirit of St. Louis Games.