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Monday, December 18, 2017

Host & Helper Registration

Table Hosts are small group facilitators in the context of the Alpha Course. Their role is similar to a host welcoming guests to their home and facilitating conversation rather than as a leader who teaches and takes control. 

Table Helpers are just that – helpers. They assist the Table Host and provide service to guests, providing drink refills, etc. Table Helpers don't talk much so that any guest not wanting to speak will feel comfortable.  Table Helpers should be able to cover for the Table Host if they are unable to attend a session (e.g. illness).

*NOTE: Hosts and Helpers are requested to arrive ½ hour prior to the session to attend pre-session meetings led by their Alpha Session Leader. Attendance at these meetings is essential to ensure proper coverage.

A Table Host & Helper must be available for 2 training sessions in the Holy Family Room:

  • Saturday morning, January 23, 2016
  • Thursday evening, March 3, 2016