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Monday, December 18, 2017
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Steve Schaefer, Parish Council President


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The Engaged Church


The Engaged Church is our parish's effort directed toward "Growing Church Engagement".

Engagement is different from involvement. Involvement is what you do at your church. Engagement is how you feel about your church.

It's about belonging and making a difference, and as a result, growing in Christ and being better able to fulfill our mission.

Mary Queen of Peace has partnered with Gallup to more effectively fulfill the parish’s mission. Your participation in Gallup’s ME25 (Member Engagement) survey is an important part of this process. The information you share will help provide valuable insight into the life of our community and will assist with our parish goals planning.

Thank you for participating in the survey and listening sessions. We had over 600 parishioners participate, which according to Gallup, is extremely high for a first time participating parish. This survey and our listening sessions are a first step to understanding where we are and is intended to promote dialogue. We will continue to utilize the results and consulting by Gallup to determine our next steps to improve our parish.

On the positive side, MQP respondents: 41% “strongly agree” that they are extremely satisfied with the way things are going in their personal life (Catholic average -- 38%; overall average -- 27%). 20% of MQP members volunteer in the community more than 4 hours per week (Catholic & overall 15%).Areas for improvement: 21% strongly agree that their spiritual needs are being met (Catholic & overall 37%); 9% strongly agree that their opinions seem to count (Catholic & overall 24%); and 18% strongly agree that the mission or purpose of my parish makes me feel my participation is important (Catholic, 34% & overall 35%).

Again, this is a first step. We will be following up with recommendations based on church teachings, your input, coaching from Gallup and learning from what’s working in other Catholic parishes. We look forward to the next steps with you.

Summary of MQP's ME-25 Results & FAQ - See documents at left

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