Get Involved

This parish-wide celebration is usually held on the last Saturday of April. Spring Festival kicks-off on Friday night with a "Parent's Night Out" party featuring a Silent Auction made up of class projects and auction party sign-ups. In addition to the Silent Auction, $100 raffle tickets are sold as part of the Spring Festival (parishioners may purchase tickets jointly with another family); the winner receives a large cash prize. Saturday's events begin with a mass followed by a special launch event prior to opening carnival rides and games, food and family entertainment. Kindergarten dads are responsible for clean-up duty after the Carnival closes. You may purchase tickets or wristbands for rides. Wristbands are a deal if your child likes rides. You may purchase also tickets for food and games; your child will use these tickets quickly. Box dinners are available and must be ordered in advance; pizza, burgers and hot dogs are available for purchase at the event. Wristbands and tickets are available at discount prices before the festival. T-shirts are also sold each year with the Spring Festival's theme and design. An order form will be sent home in the Friday folder. 

For more information, please visit the Spring Festival page.