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Monday, December 18, 2017
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Marc Strathman

(314) 962-2311

Parish Cantors

Cantors serve a very important leadership role in the Church by leading the assembly in prayer and song. Cantors do not necessarily need to have formal musical training, but they must be willing to work with the music director and on their own time to prepare for a specific liturgy. Cantors are also regular members of the Chorale. The additional training to be an effective cantor is provided both through MQP and through programs in the Archdiocese, as well as the National Pastoral Musicians certification programs.

Contact music director Marc Strathman for more information.


To play from your computer, simply "click" on the "Title". The music will play using your default sound program (i.e. Windows Media Player or I-tunes).

To download the file to save to your computer, "click" on the "Download" link. Select where you want to save the file to, and the file will then download to your computer. You may then copy the file to your I-pod or to a CD.

Cantor Music