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Monday, December 18, 2017

Athletic Association

Organization Mission

The Mary Queen of Peace Athletic Association was newly formed in 1992 to administer both the operations and the funding of the Parish Youth Athletics Programs. The Athletic Association runs youth soccer and baseball/softball, and track and field programs for grade K – 8. The Athletic Association also runs basketball, volleyball, and golf programs for grades 3 - 8. The teams play in the South Central District of the Archdiocesan CYC Athletic Program.

The purpose of the MQP Athletic Association is to provide an opportunity to teach our children self-discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, camaraderie, a sense of fair play, respect for themselves, their teammates and their opponents. Most importantly to teach our children the Christian values that are the foundation of our Parish.

Funding for the Athletic Program is administered by the Association and comes from individual player fees.

The Athletic Association is made up of a nine member Board, each serving a three-year term with three members elected yearly by the parish on a rotating basis. Volunteers are always needed and welcome, in a variety of roles including: leadership positions in the Association, Parish Directors of each of the individual sports, Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Uniform/Equipment Managers. Volunteers need not be parents of children participating in the sports.


2012 Athletic Association

President & Treasurer

  Andy Ludbrook
VP/Past President   Dan Nester
Secretary   Mike Esson
Volleyball Chair   Kris Sluhan
Soccer Chair   Tony Floretta and Ryan Clark
Track & Field Chair   Scott Scully
Baseball/Softball Chair   Tom Grassi and Tom Albus
Basketball Chair   Rob Ellis
Golf Chair   Steve Wendling
Members:   Mark Trenter
    Jeff Williams
    LeGrande Rives
    Laura Kenny
    Julie Pendleton
 St. Elizabeth Field Coordinators   Bob O'Brien
    Chris O'Leary
    Jim O'Keefe