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Monday, December 18, 2017
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Angie Kimes

(314) 520-8092


Oct 2014 MinutesDownload
June 2014 MinutesDownload
State of the Parish Letter 11-11-2013Download
Sept 2014 MinutesDownload
Jan 2016 MinutesDownload
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April 2014 MinutesDownload
Feb. 2013 PC/Finance Council MinutesDownload
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Parish Council

The Mary Queen of Peace Parish Council was formed in February 1986. The Council consists of 12 voting members (with three year terms - four members replaced each year) plus the Priests, Deacons, and Council's Past President. All of the activities of the Parish are brought together and coordinated through the Parish Council. The activities of the Parish generally fall under one of the following Commissions:

  • Christian Service
  • Christian Formation Liturgy
  • Christian Fellowship

Parish Council Members:

Member Email Phone
Angie Kimes - President angie.kimes@catalinamarketing.com 520-8092
Corey Franklin - Past President clouisfranklin@outlook.com 467-0614
Peggy Abeln - Vice-President  pabeln@icloud.com  973-9053
Jeanette Bright  ohsovery@sbcglobal.net  
Tony Floretta tfloretta@earthlink.net  
Tony Genovese tgenovese@emseye.com  
Jennifer Grimmer  jennifergrimmer@yahoo.comm  
Chris Lawhorn cjl@carmodymacdonald.com 623-1334
Jody Mayer - Secretary jmayer@bbsmasonry.com  
Pat Mooney PatM@footwr.com 662-1338
Katy Pavelonis  katy.pavelonis@gmail.com  
T.J. Siebenman  t.j.siebenman@gmail.com  
Susan Schmidt smec542@gmail.com 956-0866
Fr. John frjohnvien@mqpwg.org 961-2311