Posted on January 08, 2018 12:13

To address the needs and wishes of our families, we are pleased to introduce the following after school programs.  For the next semester, beginning January 8th, the following after school classes will be offered:

- COCA Theatre for grades 1-3 on Mondays

- Master Kim Ty Kwon Do for grades 1-8 on Tuesdays

- Palmer Music Keyboard and Introduction to Music for grades 1-3 on Thursdays

In addition, two after school classes will continue for next semester:

- Legos for grades 1-4 on Monday afternoons

- Chess on Wednesday afternoons.

These classes will begin after school the week of January 8th and will continue through spring break, for about 8 weeks.  To register for these programs, please download the MQP After School Program form from the Resources / Downloadable Forms page.

The Y–Club through the YMCA is still be an option.  If needed, a family may register with the YMCA to take advantage of their drop in or walk in service.  Any kindergarten – 8th grader, who is registered with the YMCA, may use their drop in service.  This is a great option, especially for the above mention classes that end before a parent can pick their children. More information about Y-Club is available in the school office.

Our beloved kindergarten teacher and former preschool teacher, Mrs. Kelley Breihan, is offering enrichment classes for our preschoolers – kindergarteners.   Her theme centered classes will begin on Monday, January 8.  The classes will begin afterschool each day and end at 4:15 pm.

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